Vacuum and Clean Out Your Attic To Save Money

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If you haven’t already noticed, the time has come to do some Spring cleaning.  Winter is fast approaching but you still have time to clean.  One of the things you should really focus on is your Attic if you have one.  Cleaning out your attic will not only allow you to breathe more cleaner air but you will also save more money.

How to Clean Out Your Attic
If you have stuff in boxes that you have forgot about, it is a good time as ever to go through and get rid of the things you don’t need.  You need to limit the amount of dust and dirt that can buildup by not having a lot of clutter.  Sweep or vacuum the dust and small debris that has built up.  The Panasonic mc-cg917 is a great choice for this.  This is what I currently use.  It is a handheld canister vacuum.  This is a vacuum that I decided to get after I came across some great Panasonic mc-cg917 reviews.

Seal holes or cracks in your attic.  Go carefully through and find spots where cracks and holes appear to be letting light in.  Bugs can get in through these cracks as well as moisture.

If need be, replace your old insulation.  Insulation can become wet and molded which can damage the wooden frame.  Unhealthy particles can seep through the air.  Also, some nasty odors can brew as a result.  This can also save you money as many homeowners report a reduction in their energy bills.

If you have not done so already, go ahead and get some Spring cleaning out of the way.

Recycling Old Clothes and Sewing Machines

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My mother made a lot of our clothes with a sewing machine.  It was inexpensive and it made sense.  She had one of the Singer sewing machines.  Even today, the women in my family continue to sew.  One of my sisters has the Singer 7258.  She absolutely loves this model.

It seems today that people have gotten into the habit of being more resourceful.  Some people resell their clothing to consignment shops.  Some donate clothing to thrift stores or other charitable organizations.  some people even just use the clothing as hand me downs.

The good thing about most clothing is it recyclable.  There are also tax write-offs for people who donate clothing and shoes.  This can mean money in your pocket around tax time.  Make sure you talk to your tax professional.

Are Tattoos Eco friendly?

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I’m pretty sure you know someone in your family who has a tattoo. It is very common and lots of people get tattoos including celebrities, executives, and everyday average folk. People love art and are quick to put their body’s on display. However, many people may or may not know what is in the ink that is being put on their bodies. Let us explore a little further.

Tattoo inks contain heavy metals including cadium and plastic. The tattoo pigment is also derived from glycerin and animal fats. Black ink is made from animal bone.  There is even speculation that the removal process of tattoos can even be toxic. Note: standard tattoo inks are actually not approved by the FDA.

What can You Do If You Are Concerned?
Every tattoo ink has a carrier? The carrier should be organic or natural such as vegetable glycerin or purified water. The brightest colors usually have the highest toxins. So, you should seek out artists who use non-toxic ingredients.

The bottom line is that you should consider what is in permanent ink that goes into your skin. While that colorful butterfly tattoo may not have an impact on the environment, it certainly can be toxic to your skin. You should always sit on any tattoo ideas you may have for awhile and if you are concerned take my suggestions
into account.

How to Be Green and Lose weight

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If you are conscious about the environment, you may also be conscious about your overall health.  Simply put, you may worry about the foods you eat and keeping your weight within a healthy range.  Many times caring about the environment runs parallel to caring about being the best you that you can be.  Since many people love to work on their appearance, I thought it would be fun to give you some tips on how you can help the environment but also be a healthier version of you.

Use Public Transportation to and From Work
Many people have already adopted this model when the first influx of high gas prices appeared several years ago.  It was just smarter to commute less to save money.  Many people may not have thought about the healthy consequences for the environment when doing so.  Similarly to car pooling, a bus will let off less emissions than 30 or 40 people occupying the bus who would drive their cars to and from work everyday.  As we have already pointed out, less emissions in the air means less air pollution.  If you haven’t opted for public transportation, many people have been smart enough to by a hybrid vehicle.  Some hybrid vehicles can yield a substantial tax break and also put more money in your pocket on a day to day basis since a hybrid vehicle allows more gas per gallon than your average car.

Walk or bike To Work
Some people around the globe live in fairly neutral climates.  The temperatures are neither too hot or too cold.  If you live a short enough distance to your work that you are comfortable enough to walk, by all means do so.  Biking or walking to work is not all that uncommon nowadays.  You can even invest in a small e100 electric scooter. They can hold people up to 200lbs as seen here.  People can stay fit and healthy by doing so as well.  You burn calories simply by walking or biking.  According to one blogger who critiques real lipozene reviews, slimquick consumer reviews, and other popular supplements such as hydroxycut max, she claims there are better alternatives.  She also uncovers the truth regarding some phentermine reviews.  Instead of trying the next popular weight loss pill, you may start trying the small changes that add up overtime to be big.  Some people are not a fan of diet pills and opt for the small changes.  This is a smart choice considering there are so many hyped up supplements to choose from.

Reduce your consumption of Meat
It is fact that raising animals takes up far more resources than raising vegetables.  A large amount of the Amazon rainforest has been destroyed in order to be used as cattle pasture.  To date, it is more than 60%.  simply, lower your consumption of meat and eat more vegetables.  If a family of four skips out on going out to eat and ordering a meal that contains protein, you really positively impact the environment.  some people have opted to start growing their own vegetables.

Remember, that you can be do things that both benefit the environment and also help you to become healthier.  Making small changes will help you to be a better you and help the earth.

Helping Keep the Environment Clean

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How to recycle plastics in your home?
According to the Container Recycling Institure, each day in the United States more than 60 million plastic bottles are thrown away. Most end up in land fills. As consumers become more health conscious, the amount of water people drink per year is growing. Unfortunately, without proper disposal of the plastic bottles they only end up polluting the air.

How to Recycle Plastics
If you check the bottom of most plastic bottles and containers, there is a small number from 1-7 that is located on the inside of a triangle. There is also a recycling symbol if that particular item is recyclable. So, the first step is to recognize the recycling symbol on that particular plastic. Then, you need to sort the plastics according to the respective numbers.

Numbers 1 and 2 indicate that the plastic can be recycled. Some of the common plastics include: milk containers, laundry detergent bottles, water bottles of course, and other thin clear plastic bottles such as cooking oil. The good news is that these types of plastics usually can be picked up curb side. Make sure to remove lids off of the plastic bottles. The lid material is usually not recyclable.

Numbers 3, 5, and 7 as a rule of thumb are generally not recyclable.

Number 6 is made up of a special foam packaging and you should contact the Alliance of Foam Package Recyclers to see how to properly dispose of it.

Make sure to rinse out the plastic containers with water.

If for some reason, your state or city does not offer curb side recycling, you can always call the national recycling number 1800-clean-up. There, they will provide you with specific information regarding your state.

How You Can Easily Recycle
So, We have talked about sorting the plastics by different numbers. Now, an easy way you can do this is to have a couple of trash cans, plastic boxes, or containers in your home designated for this. This website has some great information on all types of trash cans and waste bins:  plastic, stainless steel , as well as touchless trash can reviews. You could simply label one trash can with numbers 1 and 2 and another with other. The people in your home could easily place the plastics in the appropriate bin.

Plastic is used to make all types of things:boxes, containers, packaging, storage devices, etc. I am sure that you have an array of plastic items in your home right now. Plastic is versatile and can be resused for many different purposes. We must remember that plastic is not biodegradable and will emit toxins into our air and water supply. Please take an extra step and try to better the environment.

Recycle Your Cell Phones for Both Fun and Cash

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As technology continues to change, more and more people will be opting for the latest and greatest option out there when it comes to their cell phones. This means that more and more people will get rid of their old cell phones for their new ones. Since cell phones have material in them that can be dangerous for the environment and you, the manufacturer will encourage the user to dispose of the cell phone responsibly. Basically, the user will need to recycle the cell phone so that it will be properly handled by a facility so that it will not be an hazard. Many manufacturers provide information on how to recycle the phone.

What is interesting about cell phones is that you can profit off of recycling your own and others cell phones. Here are some of the direct benefits from recycling your cell phone. First, as stated previously you can get cash. You may be taken back by the amount of money resellers are willing to pay you for your used or broken cell phone. Some people may even opt to start a business for extra needed income. I will touch on that later. Secondly, you are helping the environment by beung responsible.

Recycling Your Phone Step By Step

You can get rid of your phone in various ways. You can sell them to people you know like your family and friends. You can also sell them on auction sites such as ebay. Online resellers usually are the most fast and convenient since they typically offer to pay for shipping. Also, the reseller will usually pay top dollar for the cell phone.

Step 1 – Find A Reputable Cell Phone Recycling Company

Step 2 – Visit Their Website and Enter Any Applicable Information

Usually, the reseller will have you type in your model number and ask you a few questions regarding the condition of the cell phone. Then, the website will give you a cash value. You can then decline or accept.

Step 3 – Wait for the packaging that the company sends you to get the cell phone to them

Step 4 – Get Paid

Most companies pay by paypal which is quick and convenient for you.
There you have it. Recycling can be fun and you can make a little money in the process. Some people have even taken it to the next level and started up a recycling business in their local neighborhood for extra cash.